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"Our dragons will block out the sun".


Oh my god.

JFLKSDF What is seen cannot be unseen


I do not recall where, but there was this one-story brick house. It was small, almost petite, and covered with a blanket of snow. I looked down from arms covered in a blue jacket to this snow. Sunlight shone off of it in so many places I thought we were standing on a thousand burning suns—but it was not warm. A short time after I came to recognize what the sensation of ‘cold’ was, I looked up to the previously-empty snow-covered lawn in front of that tiny, tiny house and saw a snowman being built by a child. It isn’t a particularly important or interesting memory, but it is the earliest one I have. Now that I’ve had time to put it to words, only now do I consider if maybe this first memory is why I like the cold air so much.

I’ve played a moonkin for a long time. A very long time. I cannot begin to express how much joy this brings me on a daily basis.

This. All of my moonkin boners. All of them.